The Blueberry Ranch offers a great family farm feel and rural picking experience, with a very convenient location. We grow nine different blueberry varieties: all USDA-certified organic and packed with benefits

U-Pick Blueberries & More

Our Northern Indiana farm offers U-Pick during blueberry season, and monthly Pop-Up Sales during the year for your berry fix. Some of our other mouth-watering options include: 

Blueberry Bushes

We are also dedicated to the growth of these little, mighty berries, so we offer blueberry bushes for purchase in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Plant your own!

Our History

Established in 1953, The Blueberry Ranch is one of the oldest u-pick farms in the midwest.  In 1976, John E. Nelson was hired to manage the farm, and he's never looked back.

  • 1981: John purchased the farm.
  • 1988: John began the organic conversion process.
  • 1991: The farm was partially certified organic, and sold its first organic blueberries.
  • 2000: Public awareness of organic benefits increased, and interest in local food began to grow. Demand for local organic blueberries increased.
  • 2009:  The berry fever continued, and the farm became 100% USDA-certified organic! Every one of our berries has been 100% USDA and ICO Certified organic ever since!  

We're one of the largest and one of the only 100% USDA-certified organic blueberry farms in the Midwest. 

Organic Local Blueberries — The Best You Can Get!

If blueberries are good... local blueberries are better... and organic local blueberries are the best you can get! Stop by today and enjoy the local blueberry goodness. 

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