Organic Blueberry Picking in Northern Indiana

Our U-Pick season typically begins in July and goes through mid-August. We have organized picking, which means you get to enjoy your time at bushes full of berries — not wandering the fields picking leftovers here and there.

Organic & Local

☀️We are the only USDA-certified organic blueberry farm in Northern Indiana.

☀️If blueberries are good... local blueberries are better... and organic local blueberries are the best you can get!

Convenience & Amenities

We've worked hard to be the most fun and convenient blueberry farm around!

☀️ Yes, we take credit cards!

☀️ We offer modern indoor bathrooms, handwashing sinks with hot water, and a shaded picnic area.

☀️ Our parking lot is safely separated from our U-Pick berries, with a convenient drive-up loading zone.

☀️ We offer shuttle service into the fields on busy days.

☀️ We're close to Notre Dame University, South Bend, Elkhart, and southern Michigan, we are just off Exit 83 on the Indiana Toll Road. We're an easy drive with a rural farm feel. 

Bring a cooler & stock up!

Blueberry season is (unfortunately) pretty short in comparison to the rest of the year. That's why we encourage you to stock up on your favorite little berries. We sell pre-picked blueberries along with bulk frozen blueberries, so you can enjoy them long after your u-pick experience. If you have a long drive, consider bringing a cooler so you can stock up on frozen berries to enjoy all year.

Fresh Blueberry Care

Fresh blueberries should be refrigerated and rinsed before use. Used in recipes or eaten by the handful, properly refrigerated blueberries can last for several days.

If you choose to freeze your blueberries, you can rinse them, dry them on a cookie sheet and store in freezer bags. You can also freeze them immediately, rinsing and thawing before use.