Field to Freezer

Our blueberries never leave our farm for freezing.  We freeze them immediately after picking and store them in our industrial freezer. Our frozen blueberries are free flowing (like marbles), with a bag inside the box.

Stock up!

Although they are small and frozen, our blueberries are mighty. They're packed with nutrients, and the perfect way to freshen up your diet. Frozen blueberries have dozens of uses, including granola, snacking, baking, and smoothie-making. Blueberry muffins, pies, and pancakes, here we come! Check out some blueberry recipes to enjoy frozen berries all year long.

Where to Buy

We've got our USDA and ICO-certified organic frozen blueberries in stock year-round.  Stock up on mouthwatering frozen berries at our farm:

  • during the picking season

  • during the off-season when available. Sold out until new crop July 2019

  • We will have frozen available third week of July. We will post here when we do!