Organic blueberries... Pick Often, Buy in Quantity, Eat More! You deserve it.

Our local organic blueberries are packed with: ✓phytonutrients ✓antioxidants ✓vitamins C & K ✓vitamin B6 ✓manganese ✓fiber ✓potassium ✓folate. 

These nutrient-dense little berries are great for heart health, diabetes management, digestion, weight loss, and more, according to Medical News Today

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the blueberry's antioxidants is anthocyaninan, which may help protect the body from heart disease and cancer, while also reducing inflammation and supporting immune function. The compounds found in blueberries may even delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many reasons we love these little berries — including just how juicy and delicious they are. 💙

Stock up!

With all that goodness, be sure to bring a cooler and stock up on fresh and frozen berries! 

  • Blueberries = good
  • Local blueberries = better
  • Organic local blueberries = the best you can get!